We are not currently open for inquiries. The page is going through a transformation program.
We are not currently open for inquiries. The page is going through a transformation program.


Find Yourself By Travel Away
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Yoga Yatra - India

Yatra means journey. This Yoga retreat is the journey to the land of spirituality and district of coconuts. We will explore the colors, flavors of the country as well as your own inner landscape in this one of a kind India Yoga Retreat. 

Jenny guides you to her secret gems of this incredible country as well as to your own, incredible inner self. 

Dates: February every year, 2020 coming up
Price: from 17995 kr (2weeks) 

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Yoga Retreat In Florida

Jenny lives part of the year in Miami Florida and invites you to join her for a retreat in the Sunshine State. We will practice, eat well, be well, have fun and do day trips to nearby amazing places.

Dates: March to April & November-December every year, 2020 coming up

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Sail away to Greece, island hop & practice

Sail away to Greece, island hop & practice together in the crystal clear blue waters. This sailing week we will practice on the boat, by the water, on land meanwhile we explore the small islands of the Greek Waters. Holiday with your yoga teacher at hand.

Dates: May/June 2020
Price: coming soon

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Europe Tour

Follow this schedule to see all events in Europe. 

Malaga May 1st
Italy May 8th
Paris May 13th
Germany May 26th
London May 31st
Stockholm June 6-8th

Dates: May-June every year, 2020 coming up

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Power of positive thinking

During this years Swedish National Day we will boost ourself with togetherness and we learn extra about how we can thrive with a positive thinking and that mind matters. 

Dates: 5-7 juni 2020
Price: from 5495kr
Place: Frötuna Gård, Sweden (1h from Stockholm City yet in midst of nature)

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Retreat to Paradise Island Gotland

Warfsholm Retreat

Dates: July every year, 2020 coming up

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New Year Chakra Yoga Retreat Gåsemora

Time to clean out and unlock your energy channels to lift your Kundalini, your inner (life-force) power!

Place: Gåsemora Fårö, Gotland Sweden
Dates: Dec 28th 2019 - Jan 4rd 2020
Price: from 8995kr

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Words From Our Explorers

Jenny is a wonderful teacher with great depth, as she can offer real "bone breaker"-classes too.

Tejas, China TTC Student

Jenny är en fantastisk lärare som verkligen tar tid till alla. Hon ser människor från dag ett och sprider ovärderliga lärdomar inte bara genom ord utan också bara genom att vara sig själv. Har man chansen att ta del av någon av hennes kurser, workshops eller retreat tveka ej!! Tack Jenny! ❤️

Tove, Chakra Nyårsretreat & workshops

Jag har haft förmånen att utöva yoga med Jenny under ett par månader och känner att jag har utvecklats mer under denna period jämfört med många års tidigare utövning på ett antal olika gymklasser och studios. Jenny har djup kompetens inom fysisk yoga, andning, meditation etc. vilket gör att jag starkt kan rekommendera henne oavsett nivå/erfarenhet/ålder för er som vill ta er utövning lite djupare.

- Erik, PT Yoga & workshops

 Jenny has created a space for yogis and yoginis to feel completely at HOME while deepening their connection to their True Selves through the practice of yoga. A variety of excellent teachers offer slightly different approaches all with the purity of Sadhana at the offering's heart. I am very impressed with what is offered. I am honored to have shared my practice in this sacred space.

- Sam Rudra Swartz, great Yoga teacher in New York 

Jag tycker om hur Jenny arbetar med kontrasterna mellan position och avslappning, men också hur hon guidar mot aktiv avslappning.

- Lisa, återkommande elev


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